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How to Create A Motivating Play List For Your Workout
How to Create A Motivating Play List For Your Workout

How to Create A Motivating Play List For Your Workout

To start off, you want some sort of music that has a bit of a ramp up to it. Something that starts off nice and easy and then ramps up as the song continues. This will help you ease into the exercise rather than just hit the ground running. Even though you might want to jump right into a workout, it’s a good idea to ease in, so you don’t blow all of you energy right off the bat, leaving your tired and fatigued once the song is over.

Once you have your energy up, select a song or two that have a nice even tempo. It’s important to now keep the energy level high so you can just cruise through the next 10 minutes or so of your workout. Usually it’s this first 10-15 minutes of a workout that can be the toughest so be sure to pick something that makes you feel good and motivated. I would stay away from anything too aggressive and angry. Sometimes the aggressive approach can back fire and just leave you feeling angry and resentful, thus draining you of more precious energy.

Once you have your rhythm going and your energy up, it’s a good idea to change the tempo. Having a play list with the same music and tempo can become a little boring and monotonous. You want some variety to keep your mind and energy engaged in the moment.
I find it’s best to alternate slow temp songs with something a little more up tempo or aggressive. The changes are good for the energy level as well as timing intervals or circuit rotations.

To finish off, I recommend something fun and low tempo. Ideally, you want to leave the workout feeling relaxed and good about what you just accomplished.

I also highly recommend making at least 3 play lists so you don’t listen to the same play list over and over. The music you listen to is just like your workout. You always want something new, fresh and stimulating


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