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Hornbeam Top Hop Best Bitter, 4.2%, Manchester, UK


I can’t imagine many people have heard of Denton, let alone been there. Using the youth of today’s scale of rating places which goes as far as to ask the question ‘Does it have a Primark?’ the answer is no, although there is one in Stockport now which isn’t a million miles away from Denton. It does have a TK Maxx though, and it turns out, it also has a micro brewery called the Hornbeam brewery. Having spent a lot of my childhood in Denton visiting my Gran I was particularly surprised to find this out and also saddened at the same time. A quick Google search reveals that I drive past the brewery every Tuesday on the way to taking our little pesky dog to his training course; we even stop at the Sainsbury’s for beer amongst other things fairly regularly. I’ve never seen a bottle of Hornbeam in there and it’s right next door!

In 5: Vanilla, Cloudy, Amber, Citrus, Denton

In a world where it’s cheaper to buy something on ebay shipped in from China than it is to buy the same thing at the shop on the corner of your road this isn’t surprising. Perhaps the issue of the big supermarkets stocking real local produce is an argument for another day.

So how was the beer itself?

It poured nicely, even though it had been kept in the fridge instead of room temperature as directed on the label (not to self (again) read the label first!!!). It has a lovely vanilla nose with a cloudy outlook – a bit like the Manchester weather where it is brewed. It is amber in colour with a sharp yet palatable taste as the sweet vanilla aroma contrasts nicely with the citrus ever so slightly floral taste. If I had to categorise it I’d say it is somewhere in between an IPA and a best bitter and it was thoroughly enoyable.

On a side note, I really love the styling of the bottle and branding of the brewery, great work!

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The quest for international beery goodness took us to Wales recently. Well actually, Wales was brought to us via a wonderful Christmas present consisting of a selection of beers from The Great Orme Brewery. What a perfect gift. For those of you not in the know, the Great Orme is a big rock in North Wales, with a tram, a dry ski slope and an amazing toboggan track (note; it was amazing when I was 12 and may now be in a horrendous state of disrepair). There’s some nice scenery and views too if you’re in to that sort of thing. It turns out there is also a Brewery, although not on the Great Orme itself it’s pretty close by.

In 5: Bright, Sweet, Rounded, Tasty, Citrus

A big fan of a pale ale this seemed like the most sensible choice for a first taste of the Orme “a refreshing blonde ale bursting with citrus notes” according to the fancy label. We certainly don’t disagree. It pours an amber colour and is bright and sweet from the off. The pale hops give a touch of bitterness and the citrusy high notes are quite something. It has a sweet and fruity flavour which give it a rounded finish and offset the bitterness just enough.

It’s a very pleasant beer and would be perfect to provide that much needed refreshing moisture in a beer garden on a fine summers evening after work.

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In 5: Blonde, Smooth, Citrus, Powerful, Light

When you first see this Meg-jestic beer in the glass it comes across as a sweet and innocent little blonde; harmless and welcoming.  However when you finally make your move, it kicks you directly in the hops. Weighing in at 5.5%, its light, moreish flavour disguises its roar potential. Named after a canon this beer certainly isn’t just fodder for a big session and needs to be treated with a little care and a lot of respect. With such a lovely flavour, try not to get ‘megged without it at least touching the sides or its Meg-nitude will mean your trip to the pub quickly descends into a roar-cus occasion. It is a lovely beer for a summer’s day so be careful to drink it up quickly while you’re under the sun or it will go roar-ten.

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Schneider Weisse Tap 7, 5.4%, Kelheim, Germany


In 5: Dark, Enjoyable, Flavoursome, Medicinal, Citrus

Interesting fact: If you don’t speak German and you want to order a beer in Germany you need to be careful how many fingers you hold up. Unlike in the UK and other inefficient countries, in Germany, if you only want 1 beer you show them your thumb and then your first finger becomes your second beer and so on…

Every day is a school day on Brewskie! Although I wouldn’t worry about getting it wrong too much as there’s only 1 thing better than a beer, 2 beers!

So, the beer, well it’s not labelled as a dunkel (dark beer) but it is pretty dark in colour. Don’t let that fool you though, there is quite a citrus whiff to it and the taste is light. As it’s rather flat it seemed to fly down without really touching the sides. There was a moment early on where we were getting a little bit of a TCP smell and the taste does have some strange notes to it that we couldn’t quite put our fingers on. Overall, this Wesley (Schneider) definitely doesn’t deserve the Ballon d’or, instead it is an average player in one of the world’s most competitive arenas.

If only someone were to offer us a gallon d’beer right now…

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