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Mynamar Beer, 5.0%, Yangon, Myanmar


A contribution from an ex-pat in Myanmar who shall remain anonymous for more reasons than one!

In 5: Repressed, Semi-precious, Dubious, Lingering, #2

Booze and politics don’t mix. So how is the #1 beer from the #2 dictatorship* in Asia going to shape up? Pouring it from the bottle sat at home in Yangon/Rangoon, there is a definite yeasty smell which leaves me worried that the brewing process has been a little repressed. But I’m not going to protest (it has only just been made legal in this country and so I’m going to be one of the first to give it a go) and I have my first taste.

It’s a little flat and very cold, which on a Sunday afternoon in December when the temperature tops 31°C means that it goes down quick. I’d like to share this with my friends, but this is a country which made it illegal for people to be together in groups of more than 5 in public places. So I decide to drop all my sanctions and open a second bottle.

The same smell comes out the second bottle, but I decide to be diplomatic and turn a blind eye (nose). The label proudly displays medals from international beer competitions which at first seem like quite dubious accolades, but on further inspection it seems like it has actually won them! Unfortunately, for a country renowned for its gems, this beer is nothing more than semi-precious. It does the job, but it’s not going to take any prisoners (out of character for a country which still has a reported 2000 people incarcerated for their political belief). You can’t help but notice that the yeasty, murky taste won’t go away, which serves as a subtle analogy for the rest of the country that is doing everything possible to reform itself on the international stage.

*Brewskie challenge has been set, to review the #1 local beer from North Korea.

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In 5: Sour, Fruity, Honey, Bitter, Tinny

This was another beer we picked up from the Micro Bar in the Manchester Arndale and we were hoping for great things as there were obviously only a few carefully selected beers on offer. Unfortunately we were a little disappointed by this fruity brew.

We were promised a ‘zesty aroma and a fruity flavour’ and I suppose we did get this to some extent but for us it just didn’t seem to work so well. We got the high notes from the fruits and a little bit of honey to bind it together but there was something not quite right. It left us feeling a bit bitter about the whole experience and particularly sour too. There was a slightly metallic or tinny aftertaste that lingered and annoyed like sitting next to a music class full of year 9 kids with the xylophones out.

We were drinking this with a wonderful home-made vegetable curry and tarka dal that Mrs Brewskie lovingly prepared for a house party. So maybe it’s not a great one with a curry and that interfered with our experience somewhat, we hope so, because we were expecting more.

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Hite, 4.5%, Seoul, South Korea


In 5: Refreshing, Light, Bland, Wet, Doggy

OK, before we even start to talk about this beer, we admit, we only bought it because of its name and unfortunately that is the level we operate on. So I suppose this review should concentrate on answering the question on everyone’s lips, is it sHite?

The label in the beer shop said it’s not, we’re not so sure!

Surprisingly for a brew coming from the well known beer capital of the world South Korea it actually starts off by hitting the Hites, but ultimately it fails to exHite. It’s refreshing and lHite and would be a wonderful compliment to a BBQ on a warm nHite – just make sure you lock up Rover if you’re inviting any of the locals around. Unfortunately though, after the initial bHite it soon loses its fizz and quickly dies leaving a rather bland and well, wet, drink that barely resembles beer at all. If you can drink it while it’s fresh on a lovely summer’s day and you’re in the pool or on the beach then yeah, it’d be a decent choice.

Probably not so great with a curry but rest assured we haven’t tested its ‘dog compatibility’!

So, is it sHite? We have to say yes, but Fido might like it.

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Casablanca Beer, 5.0%, Casablanca, Morocco


In 5: Bitter, Unremarkable, Ordinary, Bland, Generic

Brewed with a hint of camel dung and a lot of sand we aren’t sure how or why this beer managed to leave Morocco and end up on sale in the UK. It is almost as if they have created a generic beer from bottled water and we have no idea how this manages to weigh in at 5%. Perhaps it tastes better on the beach in 30 degree sunshine but we certainly won’t be rushing over to Casablanca to find out. It doesn’t travel well and definitely doesn’t do anything for us on a rainy February day in the UK. On this evidence it can stay in Morocco – don’t drink it again, Sam.

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