In 5: Flat, Expensive, Processed, Dull, Bad

On a recent Brewskie outing in Liverpool we nearly wet ourselves with excitement at the sight of a German beer we’d never had before ON TAP! Woohoo we thought… little did we know.

First came the price, ouch, let’s just say there was only one place we were DABbing after paying for our round. Then we tried it. It turns out they got the name of the beer right, they just got the letters the wrong way round. It tasted processed, dull and flat, a pale comparison to some of the wonderful lagers that frequently come out of arguably the home of lager. Perhaps it was a bad barrel but ultimately they only got one shot to impress us and impressed we weren’t. We certainly won’t be in a hurry to try this again and unless the good people at DAB want to send us some bottles to see if we prefer them we won’t be spending our hard-earned on any more.

Probably the most interesting thing to happen while we laboured through our pints of BAD was DABbing up the condiments I spilt all over the scorecard, unfortunately for DAB we could still read our notes and they weren’t too clever.

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