So, weddingfest 2011 is officially over and the Brewskie family are back at home looking back on a summer of romance, holidays and most importantly, beer. We enjoyed the Cisk in Malta, the Kronenberg in France but by far and away the most fruitful beery destination was the good old Lake District. We visited the excellent Hawkshead Brewery (review to follow) and tried more of the local ales in the pubs around Windermere. But perhaps the most refreshing sight was the high street shops selling the local beers in abundance alongside the other local produce. So we filled out boots, well the boot of the car anyway!

In 5: Treacle, Hazelnut, Staycation, Nutella, Chocolate

So many beers, so little time, we needed to multi-task… As we opened our bottle of Lakeland Bitter we wondered if anyone else had ever drank it on the Eurostar? Probably not, but by golly we were glad we did!

A rich and deep nose is the first thing you notice, very much a rich treacle aroma. The taste follows suit, with a wonderfully complicated mix of flavours which attack your senses. It is very nutty, almost like a hazelnut liquor, with chocolate notes and caramel bites all flooding in without it being overly bitter; it is nicely hopped to balance the flavours. It really did fly down and the only disappointment was that we were on a train to France and couldn’t get any more of this lovely brew for a couple of weeks…

A big thumbs up from Mrs Brewskie too, who can’t quite believe that someone has managed to turn Nutella into a beer! In fact, this is only the 2nd beer to be given the 5 Brewskie pints, quite an accolade some (I) would say!

Hopefully the new wave of people having a Staycation can help this excellent brewery get it’s beers out to even more lucky punters, we will most certainly be stocking up on our next trip to the Lakes.

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