In 5: Earthy, Refreshing, Easy drinker, Crafty, Blonde

We recently discovered a little micro bar (cunningly called Micro Bar) in the Manchester Arndale Centre with a healthy little stock of bottled beers as well as a few real ales on tap. It was quite a find and it’s where we picked up this little crafty bottle for a couple of quid, probably a bit over the odds from what you can get it for in the supermarket but we’d rather support the little guys where we can!

It has a belting little label with all kinds of Halloweenesque scribbles on including a wicked Wych whom perhaps subconsciously cast a ‘buy me’ spell on us, who knows…

On pouring into the bottle we were a little surprised with its colour, expecting something a little paler and blonder than the golden delight we were presented with.

The label declares it as being thrice hopped which I would imagine should give it some kind of complicated smell and flavor although we’re not so sure. It hits the tip of the tongue and has an earthy nature, but not necessarily in a bad way. It is certainly refreshing although a little dry in the aftertaste and makes for a nice easy drinker you could keep ploughing through on a big session.

If it’s a question of Wych Craft (see what we did there?!) beer to buy, although it’s nothing amazing there is nothing wrong with the Blonde Beer. It’s certainly closer to a cracking natural blonde than a fake with dark roots.

PS, it goes really well with beer battered onion rings!

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