In 5: Refreshing, Light, Bland, Wet, Doggy

OK, before we even start to talk about this beer, we admit, we only bought it because of its name and unfortunately that is the level we operate on. So I suppose this review should concentrate on answering the question on everyone’s lips, is it sHite?

The label in the beer shop said it’s not, we’re not so sure!

Surprisingly for a brew coming from the well known beer capital of the world South Korea it actually starts off by hitting the Hites, but ultimately it fails to exHite. It’s refreshing and lHite and would be a wonderful compliment to a BBQ on a warm nHite – just make sure you lock up Rover if you’re inviting any of the locals around. Unfortunately though, after the initial bHite it soon loses its fizz and quickly dies leaving a rather bland and well, wet, drink that barely resembles beer at all. If you can drink it while it’s fresh on a lovely summer’s day and you’re in the pool or on the beach then yeah, it’d be a decent choice.

Probably not so great with a curry but rest assured we haven’t tested its ‘dog compatibility’!

So, is it sHite? We have to say yes, but Fido might like it.

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The vital statistics

Type of Brewskie: Lager

Occasion: On the beach

Curry Compatibility:

Value for money:



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