Many people believe that the taste of a beer should reflect the place that it originated, in this case Barnsley. Thankfully with Barnsley Gold, this is not the case. Instead, you can drink this tender brew while laughing at the audacity of the brewer to combine the words – Barnsley and Gold. Perhaps this would be a bit harsh toward the brewer however in fairness, this is the only gold that Barnsley has ever produced and as such, should be celebrated as an achievement in itself.

Perfect for a sunny day in summer, autumn, winter or spring this lovely golden brew was a breath of fresh air on our recent trip to the CAMRA pubs of Yorkshire. Anyone who ever tried eating an acorn as a child (or a student doing a dare in return for beer) will vouch for the fact that they are minging. Fortunately the good folk at Acorn Brewery used a more traditional approach to brewing beer which avoided the use of any acorns. However, much like an acorn, the Barnsley Gold grows with every mouthful into a fine and mighty pint which Jill Masterson of Goldfinger fame would be proud of. With each swig you get a hint of flavour without lingering too long on the palette. It really flew down and has refreshing qualities which leave you wanting more.

Be careful not to tell too many people about this wonderful brew, or there will be a gold rush at the bar!

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Type of Brewskie: Ale

Occasion: Beer garden

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